Brian G Johnson: Marketing Secrets, Seasonal Tips and Ideas

In this video, the online marketing master and online halloween costumes sales expert, Brian G. Johnson, talks about something that he has personally been involved with for many many years and that is seasonal Internet Marketing.

He has made tens of thousands of dollars promoting things like Tour de France. Huh? He says the traffic goes through the roof during this time and you can sell little trinkets, or build a list. What about Valentines Day or Mothers Day? Costumed for the fourth of July are something he sold quite a few of last year! Yes, that’s right. Statute of Liberty costumes.

Brian says that when people first start out in affiliate marketing they have some very set ideas about wanting to make residual income. Money that seem to flow on automatic every month, for the whole year.

It’s great that you made $25,000 last year during halloween, but what happens after November when halloween is over? Does your income go away?

He is looking for the path of least resistance. Effort that he puts in today will reap results in the future. So effort that he put in for a six week period l on his halloween sites still gives him six to seven hundred dollars every month in costume sales.

If you are looking to get into the large niches like weight loss, or Forex then you will find that it is more competitive and can take a long time to get any sort of results. The traffic during the halloween season is ridiculous, there is so much and not much competition.

The Halloween market earns between seven and nine billion dollars every year, and the keyword that almost everything is shaped around is “costume.” Fifty percent of this market is spent on costumes alone. So the reason the halloween is so attractive to Brian is because all the marketing concentrates on costumes. For him it is cuts and dry. The “Affiliate Marketing Easy Button” if you like.

A good thing to do is to check off a few key celebration throughout the year and concentrate on those. It might be Mothers Day. Brian knows a lot of affiliates that do really well selling flowers online around Mothers Day.

You can do a massive cash grab and do really well with marketing online during different seasons.

Check out this clip to learn the more about using Brian G. Johnson’s seasonal marketing tips right away!